About Me

About Edwin Erickson:

I am a 4th generation rural Albertan dedicated to the restoration of democratic process to the politics of Alberta. The people of our province need to regain their political voices. It’s time for positive change, and it’s time to plan for the future.

I am particularly interested in strengthening the prosperity and vigour of Alberta’s rural communities, big and small, and the industries and activities that support them. I have a special attachment to the forestry and agriculture sectors, which undoubtedly stems from my personal and family background in those areas.

I am presently leader of the Alberta Party, as of January 9, 2010.

In addition to my interests and activities in politics, I am Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Buck Lake-Alder Flats Fire Department in the western part of Wetaskiwin County, a member of the Board of the Lavesta Area Group, advocating for fair electrical distribution for Albertans, and a former board member of the Woodlot Association of Alberta.

I have a lifelong personal interest in languages and all things Nordic, and am fluent in Swedish and Norwegian. I love nature and the outdoors, and enjoy camping, x-country skiing and curling, whenever possible. I am a history buff, particularly enjoying local, Canadiana, Nordic and Native Canadian elements.

But my deepest recreational pastime is creating and playing music, which I have done as a hobby, semi-professionally and professionally since I was 15 years old. Please see my added page about my musical pursuits.

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