Posted by: edwinerickson | February 19, 2010

“The BIG Listen”

It has been a long and arduous political journey since the 2008 provincial election.

An unfortunate incident, which developed several months after the election, at the AGM of the Alberta Green Party, eventually led to the party’s de-registration by Elections Alberta in March, 2009. Even after having been their most successful candidate in 2004 and #2 in 2008, I had already come to the conclusion that the Green Party was unelectable in Alberta, and had left the party on February 24, 2009.

I immediately went to work on gathering the necessary signatures to form the Alberta Progress Party. Part way through that exercise, we found the Alberta Party, a party that had been around since 1985, but that had done little to make a place for itself in Alberta politics. But, we soon found that our two groups had much in common, and we were warmly welcomed into the fold of the Alberta Party in June of 2009. Five of us from the Progress element soon became members of the Alberta Party board of directors. On January 9, 2010, I became leader of the party.

But, the real magic happened in Sylvan Lake on February 7, when we were joined by yet another capable and ambitious group called Renew Alberta. That meeting will undoubtedly go down as a major turning point in Alberta’s political history. Along with the joining of forces of these two groups came the inspiration for “The BIG Listen.”

The BIG Listen” will kick off on March 1, and it is our intention to sit down and talk with many thousands of Albertans at their own kitchen tables. This initiative will pave the way for doing politics in a completely new way in Alberta, a way in which everyday Albertans will really have an opportunity to voice their opinions and expect to be heard!

We think that, by starting with “The BIG Listen”, we can build an Alberta that all of us can be proud of!

We need to talk to as many people as possible over the next few months, and I ask all of you to consider being part of this exciting challenge. Please contact me if you would like to host a kitchen-table listening experience, or if you would be interested in working as a volunteer facilitator.

Meanwhile, our new temporary website is now up and running  This launch will be followed by a more complete website near the end of February.

Alberta is at an important crossroads, and we all have an opportunity to be part of it!


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