Posted by: edwinerickson | February 10, 2010

Provincial Budget

Today, February 9, 2010, marks the kick-off of this blog, and the release of the Alberta government’s 2010-11 budget. With a $4.78 billion dollar deficit and a corresponding reduction in the Sustainability Fund, we are again reminded of the shortsightedness and poor planning of this government. Severe cutbacks to many of our essential and much-needed services only add further support to my ongoing argument that this government has been mismanaging our province for decades.

Here we sit, in the middle of yet another economic bust, with a savings account (sustainability fund) that can only last 3-4 years, while our essential services continue to deteriorate. We are continually told that our province is #1 at almost everything, but when we travel outside the province and abroad, it gets more and more difficult to recognize the truth in those kinds of statements.

Our resources are finite, at least if we continue to mismanage them the way we have. There is huge opportunity to make much better use of all our resources, both human and otherwise, but our current legislators seem intent on turning a blind eye. We can do better – a lot better. But we need to get involved in our own destiny, and part of that destiny involves holding our government to account.

This province belongs to its people – to those who have worked to build it, and who continue to do so. I think it’s time we reclaimed it.



  1. Great to see your blog, Edwin. How unfortunate that your first entry has to be about such a sad story…a tragedy, really. You are right. We have to reclaim it…for our kids, and our kids’ kids.

    ALBERTA needs our help.

  2. Hi there. Finally got a chance to view your blog. It sure is sad the state that we are in considering all of the resources that we have/had available to us all of these years. We are definitely in need of a change (better management). I hope that this change comes soon.

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